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These batteries use Fibre Plate electrodes. The three Dimensional Fibre Structure in the plate provides a very high conducting density. The advantages of this technology is its low internal resistance, high rates of discharge, improved recharge capability and lower weight with a high cycle life.

The Ni-Cad Fibre Plate batteries are designed as L,M,H and X types to suit customers requirements.

These batteries conform to IEC 60623 and are certified by CSA International. They also conform to BS6260, DIN 40771 and other International Standards.


  • Consistent Voltage Output and stable Capacity over life time
  • Long service life and reliable operation
  • Can be used in extreme temperature zones
  • Ease of recharging the battery
  • Ease of handling due to light weight
  • Low maintenance and low water consumption
  • Excellent for cyclic applications
Cell Series Capacity Range Ah Typical Back-up

Typical Applications

L - Low Rate
KFL Range
(Single & Block)
20 to 1500

Above 3 hours

Fire alarms, Emergency lighting, Telecom, Railway signalling,
Switchgear protection, Photovoltaic, Cathodic protection.
M - Medium Rate
KFM Range
(Single & Block)
11 to 1391
60 minutes to 3 hours

Switchgear protection, Emergency lighting, Motive power, Train lighting,
Insrumentation and process control, UPS, Electric vehicles.

H - High Rate
KFH Range
(Single & Block)
11 to 1026

Below 60 minutes

Generator starting, UPS, Diesel locomotive cranking, Aircraft /
Helicopter ground starting, Electro magnets.

X - Ultra High Rate
KFX Range
(Single & Block)
11 to 120

below 10 minnutes

Diesel locomotive cranking, Genset starting, AGV's

* Battery Stands avialable on request.

* Use Optisize 3.2 to size batteries for your application.

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