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Dimension & Electrical Data
Block Battery

Single Cell

HBL offers a very wide range of Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Batteries that match diverse applications and operating conditions. These are available in tough polypropylene containers of single cell types and block battery types. Cells of Stainless Steel containers or structural foam moulded containers are also offered as options.   Incorporating variations in electrode design to meet different discharge requirements, HBL batteries  are classified into three types L, M & H.

These batteries conform to IEC 60623 and are certified by CSA International. They also conform to BS6260, DIN 40771 and other International Standards.


  • Exceptionally long & reliable service life
  • Adaptability to a wide temperature range
  • No emission of corrosive gases
  • Safe from flame & explosion
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low life time cost
  • Quick recharging

Range and Applications

Cell Type Capacity Range (Ah)

Typical Back-up

Typical Applications
L - Low Rate
KPL (Single)
KBL (Block)

11  to 480

8 To 1540 

Above 3 Hours

Fire Alarm Panels
Emergency Lighting
Switchgear Protection

M - Medium Rate
KPM (Single)
KBM (Block)

10 to 395
12 to 1460
 60 Minutes to 3 Hours
Switchgear Protection
Instrumentation and
Process Control

Motive Power
Emergency Lighting
H - High Rate
KPH (Single)
KBH (Block)

10 to 265
9 to 930

Below 60 Minutes
Generator Starting
Diesel Locomotive
Electro Magnets
* Battery Stands avialable on request.

* Use Optisize 3.2 to size batteries for your application.
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