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Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Batteries

Considered to be the most reliable battery design, it employs electrodes with the pocket plate construction wherein the active material is encapsulated between double perforated folded steel strips.

Technology originally acquired from SAB NIFE AB, Sweden. HBL is in a position to supply the current equivalents to these models.

  • Available in 3 different design options (H, M, & L) based on perfomance requirements
  • Covers a wide range of capacities, from 9Ah to 1540Ah
  • Performance Certified

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Nickel Cadmium Fibre Plate Batteries

Nickel Cadmium Fibre Plate Batteries are the outcome of advancements in the Nickel Cadmium Battery Technology. These batteries use electrodes made of Nickel Plated Fibre Matrix. They achieve a higher energy density and cycle life.

These batteries are manufactured under license from DAUG, Germany.

  • Available in 4 different design options (X, H, M & L) based on performance requirement
  • Covers a wide range of capacites, from 11AH to 1500 Ah.
  • Performance certified.

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HSL+ : Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Batteries

HSL+ type of Nickel Cadmium Battery is developed by HBL to supply power to critical and demanding applications like solar photovoltaic or renewable energy.These batteries are completely reliable, with minimal maintenance, withstand deep discharges, rough treatment, over long periods and operate at wide temperature range

HSL+ cells are available with strong steel frame structure, shocks-resistant polypropylene casing material and flame arresting spill-proof vent. This battery gets better internal recombination by using special polypropylene fibrous type of separator.

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Superior Features Applications
  • High cycle life.
  • Better cycle life at erratic SOC of battery.
  • Deep discharge ability.
  • Minimal self-discharge rates.
    Excellent performance at high temperatures.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Shock and vibration resistant.
    Excellent ampere hour efficiency.
  • Continuous operation at any state of charge.
  • Offshore.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Railway signaling.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Rural electrification.


A new reduced maintenance Nickel Cadmium battery developed by HBL for high temperature stationary power backup applications.

The major design improvements of this reduced maintenance battery are, 90% capacity is available even at +400C after constant charge at 1.43 V/cell in 15 hours with a charge current of 0.1 C5 A.

Top-up only once during its life time under recommended operating conditions.


The construction is based on conventional pocket plate technology by introducing special features to enhance the low water usage, giving extended service life and outstanding performance specially when operating at high temperature.

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The active materials are encapsulated between folded steel strips, which are perforated on both sides, thereby increasing the effective surface area and making battery more efficient. These batteries use a special separator, which allows gases generated during charging to recombine inside the cell thus ensuring minimal water loss. This concept enables the batteries exceeding the gas recombination requirements defined in IEC 62259. In normal conditions, VentPro battery shall have only one topping up with water in its total service life.

The VentPro batteries are available in tough, shock resistant, fusion welded polypropylene cell containers and lids.

HBL's VentPro batteries are supplied with electrolyte, inter-cell connectors, related hardware and accessories required for normal operation and maintenance. Steel racks can also be offered along with batteries.

Superior Features :

  • Proven pocket plate reliability with lifetime of >20 years and high resistance to failure.
  • Special fiber separator to improve recombination and reduce water consumption.
  • Proven pocket plate reliability with lifetime of >20 years and high resistance to failure.
  • Special fiber separator to improve recombination and reduce water consumption.
  • VentPro's controlled recombination rates eliminate risk of thermal runaway.

  • Specially designed low pressure vent caps.
  • Batteries conform to IEC 62259 standard.


  • The VentPro batteries are available in a choice of plate types, which are designed specially for applications.
  • L type cells : 15 Ah to 1680 Ah.
  • For low discharge rate applications between 3 hours to 100 hours.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Rural electrification.
  • M type cells : 7 Ah to 1340 Ah.
  • For medium discharge applications between 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Switchgear.
  • Instrumentation & Process control.
  • UPS.
  • Motive Power.
  • Emergency lighting.

Triumph - Tubular Gel VRLA Battery

Triumph - Tubular Gel VRLA battery offered by HBL is a thoroughly proven product, designed to meet the demanding needs of many diverse applications. These batteries are technologically advanced and are ideal for regular cycling and deep discharge requirements of Telecom BTS sites. These batteries offer excellent cycle life (much higher than Flat plate AGM
VRLA batteries) and good performance under partial state of charge operation. Tubular Gel VRLA batteries are highly suitable for telecom BTS sites having unreliable grid power or sites without grid power.

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These batteries are maintenance free and do not require a temperature controlled environment. This allows the network operator to save significantly on energy costs (OPEX) that will be incurred in cooling a
network site. These batteries also offer a faster recharge capability to save on diesel generator running time after deep discharge cycles - further
cutting down on fuel cost (OPEX) and thus lowering the payback period.

These batteries are tested and certified as per IEC 60896-21&22:2004 and IEC 61427.

Superior Features

  • Tubular positive plates - proven cycling and deep cycling capabilities.
  • Gelled electrolyte - no stratification and no failure due to PSOC, better heat dissipation.
  • Valve regulated - no water top up during service life.
  • Antimony free alloy - longer shelf life because of very low self discharge.
  • High pressure die cast spine grids - rate of grid corrosion is very low & hence
    higher float life.
  • Supplied in filled and charged condition - 100% capacity on first discharge.
  • Versatile in mounting - can be mounted both in horizontal and vertical orientation.
  • Seismic UBC zone IV certified Steel Racks (Up on request for specific

Product Range

  • 12V - 80Ah to 12V - 160Ah
    2V – 200Ah to 1250Ah (Parallel models up to 5000Ah can be offered)


  • Telecommunications
  • BTS
  • Hybrid BTS
  • BSC and MSC exchanges
  • Industry
  • UPS (recommended for >1 hour backup)
  • Switchgear
  • Fire alarms

Batteries can be selected from the above range for a given application. Contact HBL for your battery sizing requirements.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries

The Triumph HP series is a premium design maintenance-free Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery. These are available as 2V cells placed in steel modules which are horizontally stackable.
These batteries are tested and certified as per IEC 60896-21&22:2004

Design and Construction

Positive Plate: Flat pasted type with specially formulated Lead alloy grid to resist corrosion & for longer life.

Negative Plate: Flat pasted type with lead-calcium alloy grid for maintenance free characteristics.

Container: High impact Polypropylene co-polymer, ribbed jar design for better heat dissipation and strength.

Separator: Low resistance, high porosity and highly absorbent type glass mat separator (AGM)

Electrolyte: High purity Sulphuric acid to maximize shelf life.

Terminals: High conductivity lead plated inserts.

Safety Valve: Self resealing, pressure regulated.

Container and cover sealing: Heat Sealing Method (Fusion bond) for better joint strength.

Available from 100Ah to 6000Ah


  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and Gas
  • Process control systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Power
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • UPS
  • Railways

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Pure Lead Tin Monoblock Batteries

Engineered by HBL, Lead-X redefines performance. Lead-X batteries employ Pure Lead-Tin, thin plate design for high performance. These Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are designed using Absorbent Glass Material (AGM) separators that render the batteries spill-proof. Use of AGM
separators in combination with self-resealing, pressure regulating valves and a starved electrolyte design enable recombination of gasses generated during normal operation. This eliminates the need for electrolyte top-up.

Product Range
2V-300Ah and 2V-400Ah

Lead X batteries are the ideal choice for applications requiring reliable back-up. Typical applications are UPS / Data Centers.

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