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Pure Lead Tin Monoblock Batteries for LHB Coaches  

In the New Age High Speed Railway Coach Technology, HBL’s Pure Lead Tin Batteries provide the necessary emergency power back-up clubbed with an ergonomical & compact design.

The batteries offered for these high speed, light weight coaches employ Pure Lead-Tin, thin plate design for high performance. These are Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries and are designed using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators that render the batteries spill-proof. Use of AGM separators in combination with self-resealing, pressure regulating valves and a starved electrolyte design enable recombination of gasses generated during normal operation. This eliminates the need for electrolyte top-up. The batteries are delivered fully charged and can be commissioned immediately without delay.


• Maintenance-free and spill-proof (enables flexible mounting)
• Compact and light weight (easy handling)
• Wide operating temperature range (-40ºC to +50ºC)
• High energy density (gravimetric and volumetric)
• Good charge retention (long storage life)
• Low internal resistance (quick recharge capability)

Battery Details

12V, 70Ah @ 10hr rate (the complete battery on the coach consists of 9 Blocks of 12V each)

Weight :
per 12V Block with SS box 26.5 kgs

Dimensions per 12V Block with SS box :
Length : 331 mm
Width : 168 mm
Height : 176 mm

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