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Valve Regulated Pocket Plate Batteries

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Ultra low maintenance Nickel Cadmium Valve Regulated Pocket Plate Battery offered by HBL redefines convenience. The VRPP has a pocket plate construction to guarantee the same reliability and performance as can be expected from a conventional Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate battery. The design ensures no water top-up requirement during its lifetime under normal operating conditions.


  • Accepts low float voltages
  • No water top-up during lifetime
  • Capable of giving high performance
  • Exceptionally long and reliable service life
  • Unsurpassed resistance to Electrical and Mechanical abuse
  • Safe from Flame and Explosion

These batteries conform to IEC 60623 and are certified by CSA International. They also conform to BS6260, DIN 40771 and other International Standards.


VRPP Batteries are available from 8 AH to 728 AH


  • UPS
  • Railway Signalling
  • Telecommunications
  • Switchgear
  • Process Control
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarm Systems
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